You and Words. Like Never Before.

Paragrams is a fast-paced, real-time, actively competitive word game. Play against your friends or the AI, make and steal words, and complete objectives to unlock tons of fun stuff!

So what can you expect from Paragrams?

  • Beauty in the form of tiles, animations, and words.
  • Fast-paced word creation and thievery.
  • Strategic upgradeable powers.
  • Badges. So many badges. Brag about them.
  • Nearly 100 completable objectives with bonuses and rewards.
  • Stimulating Multiplayer wager system.
  • Gorgeous Multiplayer league system.
  • Game Center Local Bluetooth and Global Wifi/Cellular Multiplayer.
  • Classic Single Player and round-based Challenge Mode.
  • Tons of ways to share scores and invite friends.
  • Lovely Stats. See how well you dot your i's and cross your t's.
  • A MUCH faster brain after just a few games. Seriously.

Download Lost Rabbit Games Info (PDF format, 227 KB)
Download Lost Rabbit Games Graphics (ZIP archive, 1.1 MB)
Download Paragrams Screenshots (ZIP archive, 2.2 MB)